waste and recycling report summary

Manitoba’s Waste and Recycling Sector Report Summary

A recently published report had several interesting findings pertaining to the Green Economy within Manitoba. The primary goal was to identify the various organizations within Manitoba associated with waste and recycling. Data was collected through the WRARS database, as well as through online research. The underlining purpose of the study was to develop a stronger understanding of the green economy within Manitoba, specifically, the waste and recycling sector.
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Small Waste Containers: 15 Cubic Yard Mini-Bins on Special Now

When it comes to waste management and garbage disposal, Omar’s Environmental has all your bases covered. We offer a variety of bins ranging from 10-45 cubic Yards. Currently, we are offering an end of season promo on our 15 cubic yard mini-bins.

We are currently offering these mini-bins for $100 per load. That’s 20% off our regular price.
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Hiring Local

Why Hiring Local is Good Business

Hiring local is good business whether you are hiring employees or hiring a company to perform a service. Any business that services a local clientele will surely understand that the local economy benefits when business is done locally. Strong partnerships are formed and reciprocal opportunities emerge when individuals or companies hire local.

Many business owner and managers only look at price and don’t consider the other numerous benefits that come with hiring a local company.
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