Hiring a Contractor

4 Tips for Hiring a Contractor

Are you remodeling your home or office? Maybe you’re planning to rebuild? In any case, it is likely that you will require the help of a demolition contractor at some point throughout your project. As a recognized company with the Manitoba Heavy Construction Association (or, MHCA), we understand what needs to happen and how to make the process flow smoothly for all parties involved.
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Clean Fill

Clean Fill vs Non-Clean Fill Construction Waste

Clean Fill vs. Non-Clean Fill

There are many factors to consider when renting waste disposal bins for your construction or demolition projects. One the most important factors is identifying the different kinds of waste being disposed of, as well as the differnece between clean fill and non-clean fill waste How materials are handled after they leave the job site can have a significant affect on the cost of waste disposal. Therefore, it is important to have a waste management plan in place.
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Winter Construction

Effects of Cold Weather on Winter Construction

When the cold weather rears its ugly head in Manitoba, the construction industry experiences a distinct change in productivity and material behaviour. These changes can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line due to increased costs and delayed completion times. It is important for businesses to know what to be aware of to ensure things run as smoothly as possible.

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The Benefits of Recycling for Construction and Demolition

The benefits of recycling are very apparent. Especially, when you consider that recycling has become such a common practice in many homes. Our garbage and recycling bins can fill up quickly with all the products we consume. Now, imagine, how much waste is created during the construction or demolition of a commercial project?
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Green Building

The Truth About Green Building and Why It Is So Important

The term “green” has been used a lot in recent years. Why? Well, at the rate we are developing new and exciting projects, the earth has a hard time keeping up. Simply put, the earth cannot sustain our rapid growth. Over time, as we develop more and more, we will run out of natural resources. The very same resources we need to survive. In response to this alarming trend, many companies like Omar’s Environmental have committed to cooperating with the waste management responsibility of green building.
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waste and recycling report summary

Manitoba’s Waste and Recycling Sector Report Summary

A recently published report had several interesting findings pertaining to the Green Economy within Manitoba. The primary goal was to identify the various organizations within Manitoba associated with waste and recycling. Data was collected through the WRARS database, as well as through online research. The underlining purpose of the study was to develop a stronger understanding of the green economy within Manitoba, specifically, the waste and recycling sector.
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Small Waste Containers: 15 Cubic Yard Mini-Bins on Special Now

When it comes to waste management and garbage disposal, Omar’s Environmental has all your bases covered. We offer a variety of bins ranging from 10-45 cubic Yards. Currently, we are offering an end of season promo on our 15 cubic yard mini-bins.

We are currently offering these mini-bins for $100 per load. That’s 20% off our regular price.
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